Distribution RS

Business history

November 1986, a new distribution engine replacement parts business borned. Sylvain Farly and Jean-Marie Farly was the leaders of this project helping by the expertise of M. Garcia Béliveau.

At that time, the business is distinguished and built by traversing in the truck different regions : Abitibi, the Lac St-Jean, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Gaspésie are the first to join DRS family. Step by step, Distribution RS grows. In 1997, the New Brunswick, the Europe and the United States comes to enlarge our rows.

With beginning of the year 90, great changes occur, the sales representatives promote our products on the road and the computerization of our system allows the control of our inventory and the improvement of our customer services. Distribution RS is in constant expansion and sees its 60 customers increase to 1000 customers.

Spring 1999, the company still improves its performances by renovating its data-processing equipments, by reshaping the interior of its building and by hiring a specialized personnel to give you a better service.

Distribution RS has now 30 years. We are proud to continue the expansion of our business with the equipment sale and the continual improvement of our service to the customers. Distribution R.S. thanks you, with your confidence, we could build a faithful business to your needs.